Save in older SOLIDWORKS version

Created by Patrick Traußnig, Modified on Wed, 3 Jan at 12:58 PM by Patrick Traußnig

Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2024, it is now possible to save parts, assemblies, and drawings created in the latest version of SOLIDWORKS as fully functional documents in a previous version of SOLIDWORKS.

Two previous versions are supported.

So, for example, you can save SOLIDWORKS 2024 documents in SOLIDWORKS versions 2022 and 2023.

How to:

  1. Open a SOLIDWORKS document in the latest SOLIDWORKS version (e.g. SOLIDWORKS 2024).

  2. Click on File -> Save As
  3. In the save dialog box, select the desired SOLIDWORKS version.

  4. Save the document.

  5. If the document contains incompatible elements (e.g. features that did not exist in the selected previous version), the "Previous Release Check" dialog box is displayed. The file then cannot be saved in an older version and must be edited first. (e.g. delete the displayed feature)

    Saving in older version using Pack&Go:

    Pack&Go supports this function too.
    In the dialog box you can simply select which older version the files should be saved in. 
    In case there are any files that consist of features, which didn't exist in the previous version, the "Previous Release Check" dialog box appears again.
    Saving in older version isn't possible as long as the incompatible features are not being edited or deleted. 

    Saving drawings in older versions:

    Drawings can also be saved in older versions.

    Please note that settings or document properties that were made in the latest version but are not compatible with the older version will be overwritten or removed.